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Bigg Boss Season 8 - 29th December 2014 Full Episode Written Update

Bigg Boss 8 - 29 December 2014 episode, twist in the tale. Bigg Boss has not seen such kind of twist till now. The twist is that ex-Bigg Boss contestant would enter the house as a contestant and this ex-Bigg Boss contestant is Ajaz Khan from "Ek Number" fame. He will enter the house and surprise everybody.

And there is a guest coming inside the Bigg Boss house. Salman Khan who comes inside the house through TV will come inside the house personally and not only this he will celebrate his birthday with the housemates.

He cuts the cake with all the housemates. And he is not in scolding mood like he mostly does with Upen and Karishma who are in their own world. He tells Karishma that everyone outside is talking about her general knowledge. He takes the general knowledge book and starts asking her questions like which is national fruit and what does R in Sachin R Tendulkar stands for.

And after this party time housemates are in for a shock or surprise depends on person to person. Ajaz Khan enters the house.

Bigg Boss Season 8 - 17th December 2014 Full Episode Written Update

Bigg Boss 8 - 17 December 2014 episode, the task between Upen's team and Gautam's team is over. This task had one team bossing around the house and asking other team general knowledge questions or making them dare tasks. Gautam's team won the task but Upen's team is upset as they think that Karishma was partial and didn't give them the marks that they deserved.

This whole blame game takes a shape of heated argument. Karishma is accused for partiality by her friend Upen. But Karishma denies that she had been partial. Ali and Praneet's talks get heated up again.

The task is taken forward with winning team of Gautam and Karishma.

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Bigg Boss Season 8 - 12th December 2014 Full Episode Written Update

Bigg Boss 8 - 12 December 2014 episode, Captaincy task has started and Ali being the beneficiary is the one getting the chance to sit first on the chair. He gets fixed to the chair as the one who stays till the end on the chair will be the captain of the house. And Ali is not going to leave the chair for anybody as he wants to strike ha-trick.

But he can definitely give it a thought when Dimpy flatteringly says that she wants to be a captain once. She says that Ali has been captain earlier also whereas she hasn't and this is a good opportunity only if he gives it away. But why will he leave the chair for her especially when the show is left with few contestants and immunity is necessary for each one.

Ali stays and in the morning Dimpy comes with a mirchi liquid to put on him. Ali stands on the chair with two cushions and start protecting himself. And cleverly Dimpy takes the opportunity and sits on the vacant chair while Ali is standing on the side arm.

Ali sits down immediately with her and starts pushing her off the chair. He even shakes her for sitting but can't use force so leaves. Who is going to sit on the chair is to be seen.

Karishma is called in the confession room and asked to rate housemates on basis of their performance in the party task. She gives marks out of hundred which are not liked by housemates. One needs to think logically while rating others which Karishma didn't do. She has been partial always and that shows in her captaincy as well that how much biased she is towards her close ones in the house.

Even Ali is not satisfied with her rating saying that he worked more and was rated less while was given more. Puneet also makes fun of her with Sonali. Karishma is going out soon with her captaincy menace.

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Bigg Boss Season 8 - 11th December 2014 Full Episode Written Update

Bigg Boss 8 - 11 December 2014 episode, party is over in Bigg Boss house but the affects of the party remain in the house. Though everybody had fun in the party but Sambhavna's comments on Gautam and Diandra's relationship have hit Gautam and in this episode he goes to clear out things with Diandra.

Gautam heard Sambhavna saying that his mother is upset because of his and Diandra's relationship. He goes on to say that Diandra and he should stay in limits and not cross them. He adda that few in house were calling them a couple which he didn't like because he thinks they are not though thats not what one judges when we see them together in the show.

He makes it clear that they are just friends and his mother is worried about this relation and thats why he wants to clear out that they both are just good friends and nothing more. Diandra says that she will stay in limit but she can't change instantly.

Moving over to other housemates, Captaincy of Karishma is coming to an end. On the judgement day she is asked to name two people from the winning team who should get the benefit in captaincy task. Karishma names Diandra and Ali. Though this is not liked by few as shows pure partiality towards friends.

Ali and Diandra are given a task and whoever completes it is given the benefit. The task is to empty one bowl of water using straw and putting that water in another bowl kept right next to it. It seems easy but it is not.

After this comes master task for everyone for captaincy. The task is named Kissa Kursi ka and in this all the housemates have the right to sit on the chair kept in garden area. The one sitting shouldn't leave the chair and others should make that person leave the chair. The one who stays on the chair in the end is the winner.

Ali is the first one to sit on it because Karishma had given benefit to her friends and Ali winning the task won this position.

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Bigg Boss Season 8 - 8th December 2014 Full Episode Written Update

Bigg Bogg 8 - 8 December 2014 episode, Karishma's captaincy is not going good. Gautam comes and offers nutella and tries to call it peace between hem. Upen is witness to this infact he asks Karishma to take it while she is denying from taking it. Gautam says that food is never important to him and he never fights for stupid issues like food in the house.

Upen goes out and talks about all this with Pritam and Ali. Pritam is very much against Gautam now and he says that Karishma should not have taken the nutella from him. In Bigg Boss house small issues are given a shape of big big problems.

Later in the episode Bigg Boss calls everyone in living room and shows them on TV that how everybody in the house is breaking rules. Some are sleeping while some are removing their mics and talking. As a punishment Bigg Boss announces that this week there will be no nomination and everybody is nominated for eviction.

Karishma is shocked the most, under her captaincy all this happened. After Bigg Boss is done Karishma stands up and says that nobody is listening to her and they should come out for punishment. And just like a teacher gives punishment to the kids she asks them all to take 10 rounds of the garden.

Everybody starts doing that except a few, Diandra her best friend is one of them. Karishma asks Diandra to run but she says she has problem in her knees. Karishma in reply says that ever since Diandra is inside the house never she has complained about this pain so she should go and take the rounds instead of making excuses.

Karishma's reign as captain has also been bad.

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